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We has already seen Consumption, Production and Link to attach on node. Hadar has also a Stockage element. We will work on a simple network with two nodes : one with two producitons (stochastic and constant) other with consumption and stockage



import numpy as np
import hadar as hd

Create data

eolien = np.random.rand(168) * 500 + 200 # random from 200 to 700
load = np.sin(np.linspace(-1, -1+np.pi*14, 168)) * 250 + 750 # sinus moving 500 to 1000

Adequacy without storage

Start storage by remove storage !

study = hd.Study(horizon=eolien.size)\
            .production(name='gas', cost=100, quantity=200)\
            .production(name='nulcear', cost=50, quantity=300)\
            .production(name='eolien', cost=10, quantity=eolien)\
            .consumption(name='load', cost=10 ** 6, quantity=load)\
        .link(src='a', dest='b', cost=1, quantity=2000)\

optim = hd.LPOptimizer()
res = optim.solve(study)

plot_without = hd.HTMLPlotting(agg=hd.ResultAnalyzer(study=study, result=res), unit_symbol='MW')'b').stack()